Family-run hotel, centrally located, just steps from the lake, Located right in front of the Borromee Islands;

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The Surroundings

Isola Bella

Built in 1632, the Palace and Gardens of the Beautiful Island are the most important attraction of Lake Maggiore. The visit to Palazzo Borromeo allows you to admire on the ground floor and on the noble floor many lavishly appointed rooms with all kinds of glooms. In the 37 meter high gardens (with 10 terraces), there are plants of every kind and origin. Boarding is only 50 meters from Hotel Ristorante Novara.

Isola Madre

It is almost entirely occupied by the beautiful Botanical Garden with plants from the most remote lands, where they live in pheasant-free pigeons, white peacocks and parrots. It also houses the eighteenth-century Palazzo Borromeo of rare beauty inside. Boarding is only 50 meters from Hotel Novara Restaurant, you can see very well from the restaurant terrace and the rooms.

Villa Taranto

Here the beautiful and complex scenery is set up spontaneously, and between terraces, tanks, fountains, waterfalls develops a beautiful botanical garden with over twenty thousand varieties of plants. (Only 1.5 km from Hotel Ristorante Novara).